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We are extremely proud of our team of hard working employees and are thrilled by the awesome reviews and customer comments we receive on a daily basis. Here are just a few recently posted online…

"I absolutely love this shop! I've gone into them several times with various issues with different vehicles and they have always been extremely friendly, knowledgeable and prompt. The rates are very reasonable and they explain to you what is going on with your vehicle in a way that you understand if you're not so mechanically inclined."

-Niquole A.

"Kirby has worked on all of my car for the past 20+ years. They are always courteous and quick to get the work done efficiently and effectively. Kirby's is the best."

- Megan K.

"Had a nasty noise coming from the front of the engine on our way back from a road trip. Tried the dealer to get a diagnosis, couldn't get us in for at least 10 days! So I did some research and found Kirby's had high marks and gave them a shot. Called right before closing and they had me in first thing in the morning next day, New Years Eve! They properly diagnosed and repaired the car in record time, the first time, even with the Holiday off, it was ready the following morning! Very satisfied with their service and would highly recommend to anyone needing quality car care! And Sean at the front desk was friendly and knowledgeable and made the whole experience painless! Thank you to the whole team at Kirby's Automotive!

- Shawn H.

"Kirby's is the best car repair service provider we have found in the Tri-City area bar none. Their prices are very reasonable and I don't feel like they're looking to find other things wrong with the car, just to jack up the costs, when you bring it in for a specific repair. They  are always very courteous and have been extremely helpful us over the past 10 years. I could not give them a higher recommendation!"

- Rex B.

"Thanks to Frank at Kirby's my car was fixed fast and reasonably.   I was in distress and he took my car right in.  I asked at a auto parts store the best place to go.  Two people at the store immediately  said Kirby's they are honest and will give you a fair price.  One person worked at the store and the other was a customer .  They were right!  Thanks."

- Judy F.

"I always enjoy working with the Kirby Team! I trust them with my company fleet and my personal vehicles. They will always give you things that need attention with your vehicles and help you prioritize so you're not killing the budget. Thank you Kirby Team"

-Tom B.

"I blew the water pump on my Jeep this morning. When I exited 89a and pulled into the gas station. Not sure what to do with the big water puddle under my Jeep. (the puddle was created from my water pump leak) I checked with google and found Kirby Automotive was a block away. I walked over and explained my situation and they told me they could fit it in and ordered the pump before I left the building. I walked back to my Jeep and quickly drove it over to Kirby's. I gave them my keys and before I could get a cup of coffee they had pulled it in and started working on it. An hour and a half latter I was on my way! If I could give more than 5 stars I would. The place is very clean and modern, the staff are super friendly and professional."

-Chuck W.

"I have been bringing my vehicles here for 4 or 5 years.  I think this is one of the best shops in the area.  The work is always done right, the prices are fair, and they don't try to sell you unnecessary repairs like the dealerships do.  The employees are all very friendly, and their shuttle service has come in handy for me a few times."

- Kevin E.

"I would highly recommend this professional honest and family owned business. Best customer service, very knowledgeable and reasonably priced. They have always taken care of my vehicle and I only trust them with service on it. The Best!"

-Darlene S.

"Yep, they are as good as it gets- everyone there was very helpful and seemed to enjoy their jobs- what a treat! We had an alignment issue with our 25' RV which they corrected quickly and rotated tires, even helped us loosen a bolt inside we couldn't budge- and everyone of the guys we saw had a smile on their face- will definitely go back, even though they aren't the closest shop to us their customer service is beyond great.

- Anna C.

"I’m honestly really glad I came back to Kirby Automotive. Last I had work done was about 7 years ago before current and it seemed to always slip my mind that they are here when I’d be looking for a good shop. They’ve done the best, quickest, and most honest work I’ve had done on a car to date. Their service advisors are honest and clear with information and estimates and they genuinely listen to what you have to say. Their prices are more than comparable and I’ve yet to find a shop that does quality work every time for a quality cost. Several other places do shady work for considerably higher cost. I’m a medicine courier and I rely on having a good shop that gets it done quickly and they do their best every time. Being able to rely on them to fix my cars when I don’t have the means or patience to do it myself makes it so much less stressful to do the job that I do. Thank you Kirby Automotive, you’ve earned a forever customer."

-Jermey A.

"I had just bought a '96 Ford 250 Diesel and was hauling a travel trailer from Prescott to the fairgrounds (89 right by their shop) when I heard a whack and smoke started piling out of the hood. I pulled off right by Robert's Market, parking  in the dirt nextdoor. I opened the hood and sure enough, a belt had slipped/shredded and a pulley was totaled. I walked over the Kirby's and they stopped what they were doing to help me, fitting me in just before they closed. The knowledgeable tech told me the belt was installed the wrong direction through several of the pulleys, caucusing the broken pulley. Anyway, they got the pulley and belt replaced in a jiffy, right out there in the parking lot and sent me on my way."

- Charles T.

"I went to Kirby's Automotive because they have great reviews and rating, I wasn't disappointed. I have a classic car and sometimes they aren't that easy to work on, They were more than happy to do the work. I have used them 3 different times and the work they did met all my expectations plus. There pricing is more than fair and will I use them again when needed."

-Jim G.


We value your time and we'll do our best to offer the quickest turnaround time. Our ASE certified mechanics are highly trained to diagnose your vehicle to get the repairs done right the first time.  Rest assured that we'll have every problem with your vehicle covered. 


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